MokFit 12 Week Fitness Challenge: Week 3, I tried to run before I could crawl

Week three. Let’s get out there again, lets run, ohh I can’t run, why can’t I run, I can run, of course I can run.  Ohh no this is not good. No running happening here.  Let’s try again tomorrow.  Ohh I can run again, but wait, why can’t I run so far, come on legs run further. Nope, no more, no running any further today.  Let’s try this again tomorrow.  Yay I am running again and yay I did the full circuit.  Ohh wait, why am I feeling dizzy, why and do I feel like I want to be sick. This is not good. Not happy Jan.

What I came to realise was, I went too hard to soon and this I understand, is a classic mistake made by most people trying to get fit today.  It is also a reason why most people give up after a couple of weeks.  I have been not aptly informed that If you haven’t exercised in a while, trying to train like you did when you were 21 when you are 40, you are going to fail.  It is also not a very good idea.  You might feel good the first couple of week, but it will soon catch up to you.  Go out slow and build your way up.  I understand now why they say, if you want to run a thousand miles you have to learn to walk the same distance first.

So, some things I learned this week were.

  • Go out slow and don’t go to hard so soon.
  • Drinking less alcohol and eating healthier food are a good thing and
  • Going to bed at a more consistent time and earlier are really helpful

These are some of the changes I made this week and the benefits have paid off.

This week I was motivated at work, when I went for a run during the day I was able to run without stopping and at the end of the week I did not feel light headed and was ready and raring for the weekend.

I made a conscious decision this week to slow things down and go back to basics and this is what needed to be done.

To quote another famous saying, a journey of a thousand miles starts with one small step not one giant leap.  To put this into an exercise perspective, to make sure I stick with my exercise, I have to take it slow and build up.  I might have to re-evaluate my goals.  I will do this in week 6.  If I am on track (with the changes made) then great, if not then I will change them, but at the end of the day my health is the most important thing.  If it takes me a little longer to achieve my goals, then so be it.

So, going into the weekend, this is what I plan to do.

  • Make sure I keep to my weekly diet.
  • Make a conscious decision to get to bed at a reasonable time and
  • make sure I don’t drink as much as I have in previous weeks.

Then going into week 4, I will be just do my runs again. This should help to go into week 5 were I will start to build in some more resistance and weight-based type training into the routine.  I will also add some more intense cardio exercise into the workout.

When I jumped on the scales this morning I saw that my weight was down to 76.6 KG. It was a really motivational moment.  I could see that change was coming and it was happening now.  It has made me want to actually be a lot better and strive to reach my target goals. Let’s see what happens next week.

Well till then.  Have a great weekend and I will see you all next week

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