12 Week Fitness Challenge Week 2, Things are only going to get better

So here we on Friday, week two of the 12-week fitness challenge.  Weigh in details, 77.6 KG. I will see what we are on Monday morning after the weekend.  It might go back up to 79 again. I hope not. So what was the experience for this week.  I have been tired all week.

One of the things I said I was going to do as part of the 12 week challenge was to go to bed at 10:30pm at night.  This did not happen.  In actual fact, went to bed later then what I would normally.  I still woke up at the same time, but what I did notice was that when I did sleep, I would sleep all the way through to 6am and not get up in the morning.  Before starting to exercise, this didn’t happen.  The impact I have seen to my working day is that I have been tired more than normal.  I have also found it harder to get motivated to do exercise during the week and when I did exercise I became exhausted faster than normal and on Thursday also felt a little light headed.  Now the light headedness could have had something to do with the not having had breakfast in the morning (which is not like me) and also having two cups of coffee before going on a run, though I have done this in the past (Not often) and had no problems.  I have also had more sleep when I did this so this is why I contribute this to that.  If I change my sleeping habits and getting light headedness still occurs, I will seek medical advice.

So one of the key things I have to work on for week 3 is going to bed at 10:30 and making sure I get a good night sleep.

(Great picture of my feet)

On Tuesday I did get up and go for a run before work.  It was actually quite refreshing getting up at 6:30 am and going for a run at 7. I found I was more motivated to do work during the day and I had more time to do things.  I have to say though that because I got to sleep quite late the night before, I was wrecked and I was tired for the rest of the day.  So not really the best outcome, though I think with perseverance this will become easier.  I was reading this website https://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/features/lose-weight-with-morning-exercise#1 which was really helpful to understand how getting up and doing exercise in the morning can help you lose more weight faster than if you worked out during the day or at night.

Now because I have been tired all week, I didn’t do any exercise on Wednesday or Friday which is not good.

Did a small run on Thursday, but again was not motivated and had no interest in doing anything so didn’t put any effort into it.  Lesson learned.  Go to go to bed early. #earlyteethingproblems 🙁

Well that’s it for this week.  Will add to this on Monday with updated weight information and what we did over the weekend.

See you all later.


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